Drum & Bass, Jungle, Musik, Sets - Kommentare deaktiviert für Mikal & DLR – The Metalheadz Show On Rinse FM 18.12.13

Ambient, Chill Out, Mixes, Musik, Noises & Drones - Kommentare deaktiviert für Jaytech – Winter Ambient 2013

Winter Ambient is a collage of some of my favourite ambient tracks, atmospheric textures and soundscapes from 2013. We all live hectic lives, and it’s important to take some time once in a while to completely disconnect from the world around you. Ambient music is a great tool to help doing just that. I hope you enjoy it.

Merry Xmas :-)

Kopfhörer aufsetzen, Mix anschmeißen, in den Schnee springen, Schneeengel machen, grinsen.
Ok, der Schnee fehlt, aber das mit den Kopfhörern geht trotzdem und das mit dem grinsen.
Jaytech mit seinen Lieblings-Ambient-Tracks aus dem laufendem Jahr 2013. In einem Mix. In einem guten Mix!


1. Carbon Based Lifeforms – Arecibo
2. City Lies – Dream Machine
3. Jon Hopkins – Immunity
4. Heinali – Her Favorite Place
5. Stray Theories – Only You
6. Andrew Bayer – All This Will Happen Again
7. Schodt – April (Morning Mix)
8. Carbon Based Lifeforms – Somewhere in Russia

Additional strings & soundscapes by Jimbo’s Computer Orchestra

Musik, Sets, Techno - Kommentare deaktiviert für Dadub Live @ Boiler Room Berlin 13.11.2013

Daniele Antezza und Giovanni Conti aka Dadub mit einem schönen, sehr technolastigen Liveset im Boiler Room Berlin.
Gibt es auch ohne Video, nur mit Audio, leider aber nicht dowanloadbar.

Ambient, Chill Out, IDM, Mixes, Musik, Podcasts - Kommentare deaktiviert für isolatedmix 42 – todos: Kilchurn Session X

Geiles Teil, genau richtig für den Winter. Eine Reise durch die Musik. Mehr gibts hier..


01. todos – ‚Intro‘
02. Abstract World – ‚Mirage‘
03. Sigur Ros – ‚Varðeldur‘ / Sigur Ros – ‚Ég anda‘ edit
04. Jon Hopkins – ‚The Wider Sun‘ / King Creosote & Jon Hopkins ‚First Watch‘ edit
05. Kiyoko – ‚Something To Think About‘ / Jon Hopkins ‚The River‘
06. Devoted Enemies – ‚Anx‘
07. Nils Petter Molvær – ‚A Small Realm‘
08. Apparat – ‚Tod‘
09. Mogwai – ‚Letters to the Metro‘ edit / S O H N – ‚Bloodflows‘ / The XX – ‚Chained‘ (Sasha Beatless Mix) edit
10. Oxia – ‚Exaila‘
11. Abstract World – ‚Path‘
12. Agnes Obel – ‚The Curse‘
13. Sin Fang – ‚Young Boys‘ (Jonsi Remix)
14. Nathan Fake – Paean (Coda)
15. Pye Corner Audio – ‚Toward Light‘
16. Moderat – ‚The Mark (Interlude) / Boards Of Canada – ‚Nothing Is Real‘ edit
17. Lowb – ‚Whealer Dealer Healer‘
18. Boards Of Canada – ‚Telepath‘
19. Daniel Avery – ‚Platform Zero‘
20. Clark – ‚Black Stone‘ / todos – ‚Subway‘
21. Cotton Wolf – ‚Cassette 98‘
22. Alt Fenster – ‚Sur Cette Feuille‘
23. Borealis – ‚Nightfall‘ (Ben Lukas Boysen remix

Albums, Ambient, Chill Out, Musik - Kommentare deaktiviert für Horizontal Excursions – Enantiodromia

„Enantiodromia“ is the follow-up to HE’s first self-titled debut album. It is the result of years of musical composition in combination with shamanic self-integration. This music deals in an experience, that can only be transmitted and experienced through the use of soundwaves. Intense personal experiences of the author stood at the base of each of the moments in this 63 minute experience and can lead you to your own inner sanctum of merging opposites.

Released 15 June 2013
Composition, production and mastering by Roger Martinez

Thanks to Nature, the all pervading creative Force and all musicians who contributed samples, especially Arno Adelaars and Jan-Frank Gerards.

Album Download

Musik, Trance - Kommentare deaktiviert für Naden – Tokamak

Ab und zu verirrt sich auch mal ein wenig Trance hier her. Klasse Track von Naden, gibt es für umme auf breakfastexclusive.com

Dub Techno, Musik, Sets - Kommentare deaktiviert für Frank Sebastian – Live @ Echogarden (Tabakfabrik Linz 24.08.13)

Drum & Bass, Musik, Podcasts, Sets - Kommentare deaktiviert für Spectrasoul – Ministry Of Sound Radio – 17.09.13

Spectrasoul stepped up this month as they hosted this months Ministry Of Sound Radio show! Plenty of new & exclusive music for you this month including a new one of there’s.

Ich hab fürs erste nur mal kurz durchgeskippt und das was ich gehört habe, war richtig scharf. Und die Tracklist liest sich auch sehr gut. Kann nur gut sein!


01.Commix – What’s your sign
02.Alix Perez – Dreams are made of
03.SpectraSoul – Sometimes we lie (DLR Remix)
04.Stray – Ginseng Smash
05.Sam Binga – 8 Bar
06.Virus Syndicate – (Alix Perez Remix)
07.Inta Warriors – Inta (Special Forces Remix)
08.Snow Ghosts – And the world was gone (Calibre Remix)
09.Chroma – Sovereign
10.Total Science – Suspicious (Alix Perez Remix)
11.Paul SG – Electric
12.Amy Steele – Eyes on You (SpectraSoul Remix)
13.Marcus Intalex – Temperance
14.SpectraSoul – Memento (dBridge Remix)
15.Technimatic – Evening Loop
16.Logistics – Together
17.SpectraSoul – S.O.U.R (Rockwell Remix)
18.Fourward – Back Tooth Grin
19.Xtrah – Lost time
20.Break – End of Time
21.Calibre – Highlander
22.SpectraSoul – Alibi
23.SpectraSoul Feat. Jamie Jooste – Play The Fool
24.A.I. – You Can Dream
25.Abstract Elements – Saturn
26.Ed:it – Untitled
27.Breach – Jack (Calibre Remix)
28.Pedestrian – Hoyle Road (SpectraSoul Remix)
29.Chozen – Worst Fears (Lynx Remix)
30.Ulterior Motive – Lost Contact
31.Rockwell – Back Again
32.Break & Xtrah ft. DRS – Always New
33.Emperor – Jackhammer
34.More Sounds – Anologue Steak – (Danny Scrilla Remix)
35.Frankee – Black Heart
36.Nympho – Whenever You Need Me
37.SpectraSoul & Icicle – Wounded

Ambient, Chill Out, House, Musik, Sets - Kommentare deaktiviert für Nightmares On Wax Boiler Room Dj Set

Geil, geil, geil. Smoooth und richtig sexy.

(via kfmw)

Ambient, Experimental, IDM, Mixes, Musik, Podcasts - Kommentare deaktiviert für ASIP – Fragments From The Horizon

Blinding light, softening texture.
Closer, touching the void.
Neons, to dark.

Ohne viele Worte, geiles Ding. Von allem ein bisschen.


01. ASC – Satellites Final Voyage (Time Heals All)
02. Glossata – Lampsace (Pearls & Smoke)
03. Boards of Canada – Uritual (Tomorrow’s Harvest)
04. Symmetry – Over The Edge (Themes For An Imaginary Film)
05. Chromatics – There’s a light on the horizon (Drumless)
06. Daft Punk – The Son of Flynn (Tron OST)
07. Stellardrone – In Time (Light Years)
08. Jon Hopkins – Prologue (Monsters OST)
09. Andrew Thomas – M&K (Pop Ambient 2006)
10. Oneohtrix Point Never – Zones Without People (Rifts)
11. 36 – Dawnspace (Shadow Play)
12. Cliff Martinez – Rubber Head (Drive OST)
13. Global Communication – 8:07 (76:14)
14. Purl & Deflektion – Return Of The Sun (Growing)
15. Newa – Hedgehog (Martin Non-Static remix) (Hedgehog EP)
16. Tangerine Dream – Love On A Real Train (Risky Business OST)
17. port-royal – Stimmung (Ulrich Schnauss remix) (Flared Up)
18. Thomas Fehlmann – Von Oben (Gute Luft)
19. Olafur Arnalds + Nils Frahm – a2 (Max Cooper remix) (Stare)
20. Olafur Arnalds + Nils Frahm – a2 (Stare)
21. Ulrich Schnauss – Shine (Mint remix) (Cardboard Rocketships)
22. B12 – Void/Comm (Time Tourist)
23. Boards of Canada – New Seeds (Tomorrow’s Harvest)
24. Alva Noto – Xerox Rin (Xerrox Vol.2)
25. Biosphere – The Things I Tell You (Substrata)
26. Apparat – Wooden (Anders Ilar remix) (Duplex)
27. Ocoeur – Olakoté (Percevoir)
28. Bulb – Tenderness (Tenderness EP)
29. Bering Strait – Apart (Apart EP)