Headphone Commute Podcast: Clem Leek – Cold Air

Clem Leek mixt den neuen Podcast von Headphone Commute. Zu hören gibt es viele Flächen, viele Sounds und sehr viel Melancholie. Genau das richtige für einen Abend im Winter.

Well, it’s that time of the year… The crowds gather in shopping malls across the globe to drop some cash on their beloved. The cold air strips the branches off their dead leaves. The minds reflect on all of their accomplishments through the year. And the snow slowly falls… To help you gather your being into contemplative state of mind, we present you with our last Podcast of 2010 from Clem Leek. On this exclusive mix for Headphone Commute, Clem selects his favorite ambient and modern classical pieces from some of our all time favorite artists. We really enjoyed this one, and we hope you do as well!

01.Dakota Suite – This Failing Sea (Peter Broderick Remix)
02.Balmorhea – Harm & Boon (Rafael Anton Irisarri Remix)
03.Danny Norbury – Speak, Memory
04.Keith Kenniff – Stranded
05.Rameses iii – The Kindness In Letting Go
06.Mogwai – Thank You Space Expert
07.Jannick Schou – My Life, Grainy
08.Max Richter – Song
09.Gareth Dickson – Climbing
10.The Cinematic Orchestra – Music Box
11.Damian Valles – Ground Truth
12.Olafur Arnalds – 1440


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In diesem Sinne wünsche ich euch allen ein paar ruhige Feiertage, zusammen mit euren Liebsten, mit guter Musik und viel Glühwein.

Stille Macht Taub!

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