Blu Mar Ten – From The Vaults Vol. 9 – Drum & Bass Mix von 1995

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Nach dem Intelligent DnB Mix From The Vaults Vol. 8 von 1996 gibts von Blu Mar Ten jetzt Nummer 9, diesmal aus dem Jahr 1995.

I recently found a whole bunch of mixes I did between 1992 and 1997 and started the long process of ripping the cassettes to mp3.
As I work through them in no particular order I’ll put them up here for download.
Remember, the sound quality isn’t great as they were all recorded through a mixer with no EQ and committed to cassette on a shabby home stereo…But what the hell, it’s that authentic 90s sound through and through, with a needle-skip and everything.

02.Skanna – Find Me
03.Alex Reece – Pulp Fiction
04.JMJ & Richie – Free la Funk
05.Shy FX – Gangster Kids
06.Omni Trio – Nu Birth of Cool
08.Zinc – So Damn Fresh
10.Goldie – Jah
12.Ray Keith vs Nookie – Sing Time VIP
13.Dillinja – You Dont Know
14.Goldie – Angel
15.T Power – Mutant Jazz (Trace remix)
17.Nemeton – Transamazonia (LTJ Bukem remix)
20.Ganja Kru – Ultrafunkula
21.Shy FX – This Style
22.Slipmaster J – Symphonic
24.Essence of Aura – So This is Love


From The Vaults Vol. 1-8
From The Vaults Vol. 9 bei Blu Mar Ten oder

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